The Team

Jonathan Smith
Jonathan Smith

Farm Carbon Calculator is now part of the Farm Carbon Cutting Toolkit, a non-profit organisation dedicated to helping farers and growers get to grips with carbon emissions. Run by farmers for farmers to cut through the confusion about greenhouse gas emissions and strengthen your business. Jonathan Smith, Andrew Rigg and Adam Twine are the Directors and Becky Willson is Project Co-Ordinator of the Farm Carbon Cutting Toolkit.

Jonathan Smith, co-founder of Climate Friendly Food and owner of Scilly Organics co-wrote the CFF Carbon Calculator with Mukti Mitchell, an authority on low carbon lifestyles. Jonathan is also a Committee member of Organic Growers Alliance, a founder member of Transition Scilly and chairman of the Isles of Scilly Renewable Energy Co-op.

Adam Twine is a farmer in Oxfordshire, established a Community owned wind farm on his land, has since enabled a solar PV farm on the same land, and founded Farm Carbon Cutting Toolkit 2 years ago.

Dr Ulrich Schmutz has overseen the academic rigour of the Calculator and has reviewed the scoping and data entry of the entire Calculator. Ulrich works as a Business Analyst at Garden Organic.