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There are a few carbon calculators available at the moment, so what makes this one different? The Farm Carbon Calculator has been designed:

  • By farmers for farmers

  • To be very user-friendly

  • To display results clearly enabling good understanding of carbon emissions

  • To be the only one taking carbon sequestration seriously

It is comprehensive and fully backed up by scientific studies. We constantly review the Calculator to improve it's usability and update the emissions and sequestration factors as new or updated research becomes available.


Farm Carbon Calculator is a joining of forces between CFF Carbon Calculator and Farm Carbon Cutting Toolkit. We are a non-profit making organisation dedicated to helping reduce the greenhouse gas emissions and increasing carbon sequestration from UK farming. We run on a very modest budget and are farmers ourselves so understand the challenges faced by farmers day-to-day.

CFF Carbon Calculator came from Climate Friendly Food, which was set up by Jonathan Smith and Jenny Hall following funding from the Big Green Challenge in 2009. The CFF Carbon Calculator was created by Jonathan Smith and Mukti Mitchell in September 2009 and includes research by Rupert Hawley and Jenny Hall. It was updated in October 2010 by Jonathan Smith.

The latest version, version 3.0 has been funded by Farm Carbon Cutting Toolkit, using intellectual property from CFF Carbon Calculator. The name has been changed to Farm Carbon Calculator.

Version 3.0 has been led by organic grower and FCCT Director Jonathan Smith, which assistance from Dr Ulrich Schmutz of Garden Organic and Centre for Agroecology and Food Security (CAFS), at Coventry University.

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