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Scilly Organics | 19.02.13

A farm growing mostly potatoes and arable crops, with some livestock, this is a farm with a very environmentally-focused agenda.

Scilly Organics | 19.02.13

Farm Carbon Calculator version 3.0 has been made possible by:
Funding by Farm Carbon Cutting Toolkit

Scilly Organics | 28.01.13

The long-awaited version 3.0 will go live on this website at lunchtime on Friday 1st Feb, following it's premiere at the Launch event at Duchy Home Farm near Tetbury that morning.

Scilly Organics | 07.01.13


At last, the version 3 of the Carbon Calculator is to be launched on 1st February at Duchy Home Farm, near Tetbury in Gloucestershire.

Scilly Organics | 04.11.12
Scilly Organics | 07.08.12

Finding out how other farmers and growers manage their businesses always provides a useful way of expanding ideas and looking differently at your own business.

Scilly Organics | 23.04.12


Scilly Organics | 23.02.12

It's been a while in the development phase, but version 3.0 of the CFF Carbon Calculator is coming, funded by Farm Carbon Cutting Toolkit.

Scilly Organics | 27.10.11

Over the past few months we have begun a process of integrating CFF Carbon Calculator within the Farm Carbon Cutting Toolkit.

Scilly Organics | 19.05.11