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Scilly Organics | 29.07.13

This may not be a topic for us in temperate zones, but this extraordinary TED talk by Allan Savory describes how some projects in sub-Saharan Africa are improving soils dramatically.

Scilly Organics | 27.06.13

A report on the Soil Association's event with farmer Martin Howard in North Corwall

Scilly Organics | 11.06.13

Trees have so many benefits on farms, from wildlife habitat to source of timber, aesthetic value and carbon absorbers.

Scilly Organics | 05.06.13

Farm Carbon Calculator case study Tolhurst Organic Produce are holding an event on 17th June at their farm in the Thames V

Scilly Organics | 07.05.13

Acorn Dairy near Darlington are an organic dairy farm that are big on local deliveries for milk.

Scilly Organics | 16.04.13

There are a few Carbon Calculators available for farmers and growers in the UK to use. They do differ in varying ways, from usability to what they measure.

Scilly Organics | 01.04.13

SWARM Hub is a project running across the South West giving advice to farmers and growers about lowering their carbon footprint.

Scilly Organics | 20.03.13

The Farm Carbon Calculator is always looking for other organisations doing like-minded work. One very encouraging one is Pasture Promise TV.

Scilly Organics | 15.03.13

Just out of Reading in the Thames Valley is a small business that grows organic vegetables, and has done for about 25 years.

Scilly Organics | 26.02.13

Chris Jones, owner of Woodland Valley Farm has been very interested in carbon footprinting his farm business for several years and has used the Farm Carbon Calculator since 2009.