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Scilly Organics | 14.12.13

When we talk about managing our GHG emissions and carbon sequestration, the language is usually in numbers. That's helpful in one sense, but can also be very abstract.

Scilly Organics | 09.12.13

Locking carbon in the soil is one of the most important things we can do as farmers and growers.

Scilly Organics | 11.11.13

Back in 2009 we were trying to come up with a term to describe the process of positive soil regeneration on farming, aiming to build soil carbon and improve the structure of soils.

Scilly Organics | 09.11.13

One of the biggest brands of organic yogurts in the USA take carbon footprinting of their products very seriously. An extract from their webpage explains:

Scilly Organics | 02.11.13

Farm Carbon Calculator version 3.0 has been made possible by:
Funding by Farm Carbon Cutting Toolkit

Scilly Organics | 02.11.13

Read about our carbon footprinting exercise with Julian Gold, manager of East Hendred Farm, a large arable farm in Oxfordshire.

Scilly Organics | 02.11.13

FCCT co-Director Jonathan Smith was featured in a SWARM case study. Find out more about his approach to growing organic vegetables here.

Scilly Organics | 25.10.13

On November 13th-14th the Soil Association are holding a Soil Symposium in Bristol.

Scilly Organics | 04.10.13

The long awaited new IPCC report on Climate Change has been released, and is very robust in its assessments. You can read comprehensive summaries here:

Scilly Organics | 26.08.13

The Soil Association's Low Carbon Farming project has produced a new handbook called Low Carbon Farming.