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Scilly Organics | 26.02.18

We're very pleased to announce that FCCT have launched version 4 of the Farm Carbon Calculator.

Scilly Organics | 01.05.17

Over at our sister organisation Farm Carbon Cutting Toolkit, we've produced a series of infographics to help farmers and growers realise the benefits of increasing soil carbon, and some methods of

Scilly Organics | 06.12.16

On World Soils Day, yesterday, FCCT and Innovation for Agriculture have launched the new Soil Farmer of the Year compeition, now in its second year.

Scilly Organics | 14.09.16

A recent Guardian article explains how carbon sequestration in farm soils wil be a critically important tool in bringing down global CO2 levels in our atmosphere.

Scilly Organics | 02.09.16

The 4 per 1000 initiative is a brilliant one that aims to increase all farm soils by 0.4% per year.

Scilly Organics | 13.05.16

Clive Bailye, an arable farmer from Staffordshire has won the UK Soil Farmer of the Year, organised by Farm Carbon Cutting Toolkit (FCCT) and Innovation for Agriculture (IfA).

Scilly Organics | 06.03.16

The shortlist for the inaugural Soil Farmer of the Year competition has been announced.

Scilly Organics | 13.12.15

Here at FCCT and Farm Carbon Calculator we are passionate about soil health, soil quality and its potential to sequester carbon.

Scilly Organics | 16.08.15

Have a look at our new infographic, which details the relative amounts of greenhouse gases sequestered and emitted from different activities on farms.